San Francisco, New York, Washington: Iron Triangle of Rent

This map show where the higher paid jobs in the USA were concentrated in 2016.


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Amazon HQ in DC area: a rampart for the defense of monopoly

A: A monopolist’s most valuable asset is a government which tolerates its existence.

Q: Why is Amazon establishing a “second headquarters” in the high-cost suburbs of a city better known for bureaucracy and politics than for information technology, retailing, or logistics?


GE Hybrid Electric Water Heaters Appliance Park, Kentucky

James Fallows, in The Atlantic, reminds us that one of the problems with Boeing’s Dreamliner has been excessive outsourcing. And he directs us to Charles Fishman‘s story, in the same publication, about some insourcing in General Electric’s household appliance manufacturing.

Fishman’s story is really two stories.
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