Parallel universes


We do not need physicists to teach us about parallel universes – we create our own, in social media cells where we can polish alternate realities to perfection.

A few weeks ago we – Simona, Leonardo, and I – rode home in a minicab. The driver was from Iran. His view on the March 22nd attack on Westminster Bridge – a wannabe jihadi with a car and a knife – was that it was a fabrication, a lie, a police/media fiction. It did not seem to matter how many witnesses, how many cameras were present – it did not fit his narrative.

He could just as well have been telling us that Hilary Clinton runs a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor, or that the moon landing was faked in a TV studio, or that “they” are raping “our” women, or that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax perpetrated by grant-hungry scientists and globalist-socialist-banker types.

So many today might as well be living in isolated communities dominated by mind-controlling cults, and yet they live next door and go to work every day and meet other people and even drive them around in cabs all day, talking – how does this happen, exactly?

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