Finsbury Park-Highbury Fields cycle route consultation

Attention conservation notice: this post is of strictly local interest

Islington borough council is consulting on planned improvements to the cycle route from Finsbury Park to Highbury Fields. This is part of important routes from points beyond Finsbury Park to the City and the West End – I use it regularly. The consultation is open until 15th July 2019 – write your own response here. What follows is cut and pasted from my response.

Q: What do you like about these proposals?

A: Segregated cycle path, much of it parking-protected, along Drayton Park Rd; new roundabout at Benwell Rd.

Q: What do you not like about these proposals?

A: As an adult and a regular cyclist, the route mostly looks good. I think it would be an improvement for all concerned – particularly for air quality, for pedestrians, and for children cycling – if the project went beyond that to make this a low-traffic neighbourhood. There is no conflict between that and what you do propose, however, so some version of the current plan should go ahead.

To be all aged/abilities, segregated cycle track little good if not continuous. What happens on southbound section from Aubert Park to Martineau Rd? Must that perpendicular parking be retained?

On drawing of new roundabout, not clear what’s happening with the N-bound cycle track when crossing Benwell.

Blackstock Rd crossing inadquate for cyclists. Just wait til it’s clear? For maximum pedestrian/cyclist benefit at that crossing, (1) filter motor traffic on Ambler Rd both directions, (2) give way on Blackstock to crossing [cycle] traffic + zebras, allow Finsbury Park Rd traffic out at Brownswood.

Much of the cycle traffic on Drayton Park Rd will still come down St Thomas’s from Finsbury Park, not down Ambler. To reduce congestion on Rock St & rat running thru neighbourhood, suggest filtering both St Thomas’s Rd & Prah Rd at Rock St, giving some visual definition to the shared-space pavement between St Thomas’s & Seven Sisters Rd, and enforcing parking restrictions both on that pavement and on the cycle access to it.



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