Environmental Economics news items

Accumulating links, for my Environmental Economics module. Numbered backwards, because I’ll add new ones at the top.

4. Even soft Brexit gives the oil oligarchs what they want (a blog post of mine on climate, and collective action among states)

3. It’s Jeremy Bentham’s birthday.

2. Legal obstacles no barrier to introducing aviation fuel tax in Europe, say experts. Transport & Environment, 3 February 2019.  This would be a major step both toward emissions reduction, and toward making carbon taxes progressive.

1. A tale of two cost benefit analyses: Scrapped HS2 bike path ‘five times better value than HS2 itself’. Guardian, 1 February 2019. Note toward the end of this article the risible response of the Department for Transport, which had to be issued by a spokesperson who has mercifully not been named: “We would encourage local authorities interested in progressing cycle routes to incorporate them into Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure plans [LCWIPs] and explore funding opportunities with their Local Enterprise Partnerships.” Which is nice, except for two things: first, that continuous routes, connecting places, are an important part of infrastructure for bicycles as for any other form of transportation: those local networks (should they ever be built, and the government is not providing much money to do so) don’t join up by themselves. Second, that the cost of putting in such a continuous national path while a new rail line is being laid will be much much less than doing it afterwards. So the Department for Transport is basically telling anybody who wants to use a cycle for transport to get stuffed, and that CBA is for getting the project you want, not for actually prioritizing transport investment projects.



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