West Bank (that’s a road in London) consultation

Until 26 January, London Borough of Hackney is consulting on a very simple improvement to one stretch of CS-1 (CS for Cycle Sort-of-Highway). It is a simple, cheap and could easily be better. I chose “support”, and included the following comment:

Necessary, but could be better.

Why it is necessary:

CS1 is an important but seriously underdesigned cycle route. This segment, like many, puts cycles into conflict with too many motor vehicles – often, impatient and agressive rat-running vehicles. The issue is clearly not simply one for the immediate West Bank neighbourhood, but one of ensuring a viable cycling network.

How it could be better.

1: two cycle tracks.
The proposed two way track will require northbound cyclists to cut across car traffic both entering and leaving West Bank. It will leave northbound cyclists with their backs to motor traffic with just armadillos for protection.
An alternative would be two, narrower, cycle tracks – one parking-protected on the west side of the road, the other armadillo protected (but facing motor traffic) on the east side.

(An obvious alternative to two cycle tracks would be a modal filter, cutting off through motor traffic. However, that should probably be considered together with other N-S routes between Green Lanes and the High Road.)

2: the West Bank / Amhurst Park / Holmdale Terrace junction. The proposed scheme stops just short of this junction, which is another weak link in the CS1 chain (as, for that matter, is Holmdale Terrace on the other side of the junction – but Holmdale Terrace is a Haringey problem).

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