Colbert interviews Thomas Herndon, the Reinhart-Rogoff slayer

A great week for the University of Massachusetts Economics PhD program – I’m glad to say I did mine there.

Steven Colbert “reports” on Reinhart & Rogoff, and then interviews Thomas Herndon, the UMass grad student who uncovered the weakness of Reinhart & Rogoff’s correlation & utter absence of a cliff at 90% debt:GDP (if you want to go beyond correlation to causation in Reinhart-Rogoff, see Paul Krugman, and also Ugo Panizza and Andrea Presbitero).

If licensing barriers make it hard to see the Colbert Report on the web where you are, there may be a browser plug-in to help you. Xtremis Reaction points us to one, which works, at least with Firefox in the UK.


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